Baghdad Blog

Catriona Yule


watched a potted history of Baghdad
called the Baghdad Blogger by
a man called Salam Pax

and he said that bakers got attacked
because they sold bread
to the Iraqi police

and barbers got attacked
because they shave beards
and anyone who shaves beards

in Baghdad is bad
(the only barber from Sian
wouldn't show his face on camera)

and he said when you leave home
you expect an explosion
so you say the last rites

and other people most attacked
were university lecturers
a death list circulated 470 names

and then there were two national
tennis players killed — people think —
for wearing shorts or showing knees

but they could have been killed
for wearing red or having spiky
or gelled hair — Salam Pax said —

in the potted history of Baghdad


Published in Pushing Out the Boat Issue 6, 2007
(Pushing Out the Boat)
and in Shedding Skin, 2007
(Koo Press)

Pushing Out the Boat 6 Shedding Skin

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