Catriona Yule


I stand on the cliff

the wind whipping
moist tufts of hair.

My toes soak through:
slippy soles on wet rock.

I am blown away,
the wind propels me.

The storm ravages,
waves smash my ears.

It is safer to lie flat:
smooth coldness

of grained black rock
on pale white belly.

My fingers grip
the edge of the world,

like an eagle

by emerald froth,
snow tentacles,

slapping the rock,
dewing my neck.

I am weightless
slipping through ocean;

my breasts are jewels,
an eagle's eyes,

my lips a moist cup,
gulping water.

I plunge the waves,
salt spurts on my tongue.


Published in Sex in the City, 2006
(Koo Press)
and in Shedding Skin, 2007
(Koo Press)

Sex in the City Shedding Skin

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