Night Train

Catriona Yule


Snaking along the coastline;
carriages rattling,
windows fluorescent souls:
silent bulbs of consciousness,

I imagine myself: a skin
tight ladder throwing my arms
out to the train.
Stretching them taut;

needles of spindly grass
under my skin,
hotness of dry earth
skiffling my knees.

I reach and reach,
stream through a window.
I enter the carriage
looking for souls, a soul.

A woman murmurs to herself or to
the vacant seat next to her,
or to the laptop
on the fliptable in front.

I sit down beside her
and start to type.


Published in Journeys, 2009
(Lemon Tree Writers)
and in Night Train, 2012
(Blue Salt Publishing)

Journeys Night Train

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