Shedding Skin

Catriona Yule


You don't look to see my face,
crumbling in the rain.
Don't know that I breathe you
again and again.

Though I'll soar Red Admiral,
you've drained me of colour,
caging a moth that will
cry like no other.

You don't care for fragile wings,
hovering on your fence.
It inconveniences you to think
about the skin of something else.

Is this what you always planned?
So stark black and white.
Can't you search for something deeper
than the girl is not right.

I can't re-spin the silken film
that blushed upon my skin.
Can't change the dates that history bled
to leave you out of them.

You won't look to see my face
crumbling in the rain.
Won't know that I turn back
again and again...


Published in Lapidus Magazine Issue 4, 2003
and in Spinners and Spoons, 2005
(Koo Press)
and in Sex in the City, 2006
(Koo Press)
and in Shedding Skin, 2007
(Koo Press)

Lapidus Magazine 4 Spinners and Spoons Sex in the City Shedding Skin

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