Small Bird

Catriona Yule


With twitching eyes,
pipecleaner feet,
breast-deep in snow.

Snowflakes lick your coat,
like speckled bristles
in dipped whitewash,

They shroud your wing
like silent caterpillars
burrowing for warmth.

They fall plaintively
in rhythmic sheets
blotting dead faces.

I watch you hopping through
the window's heavy skin,
the way you stop and start,

A twittery engine:
stuttering your way instinctively
to your final destination.

I watch the snowflakes fall,
caressing your tiny head,
with all my hopes.


Published in Decanto Issue 50, 2010
(Masque Publishing)
and in Poems in the Wind Volume 1, 2011
(Malfranteaux Concepts)
and in Night Train, 2012
(Blue Salt Publishing)

Decanto 50 Poems in the Wind Night Train

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